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Looking for a better way to manage your photography session bookings? We’re here to help with that! With our client and mini-session booking software, you can create session events, automate your scheduling process, save time, effort, and make more money.

In this post, we’ll give you all the information you need whether you are just getting started, or looking to grow your established business faster. You will learn how to use Picsello’s client booking system to create, promote, and book mini-sessions, and do it all from one place.

Read on and get ready to learn all about how to book mini-sessions the easy way!

How to Use a Mini Session Booking App to Grow Your Business

Using mini-session booking software to grow your photography business is a great way to streamline your booking process, promote and market your services, and increase your profits. Picsello’s client booking software is a user-friendly and efficient way for customers to book and pay for your full-length and mini-sessions. 

Easily Create Mini-Session Events or Availability for Full-Length Shoots

Once you are inside Picsello’s client booking, you’ll start by creating your packages, filling out all of your booking event information, and choosing how much time you want in between clients. Next, choose the type of package you want to attach to an event - portraits, headshots, family, mini-sessions-whatever types of packages you want to offer.

Finally, customize your event with images, write in any details you need to about your package, and simply hit save! You can then preview what the session event will look like to your clients and your calendar will only show events that you are available for.

Manage Your Mini-Session Bookings

Client booking software will help you manage your bookings more efficiently and with way less paperwork. With Picsello’s software, you also get a mobile-friendly interface that allows customers to view your upcoming sessions on the go, book in under 10 minutes, and pay with their credit card. The streamlined process saves you tons of time in the booking process as you don’t have to answer endless phone calls or emails about bookings. Plus, customers are more likely to book if they can do so easily!

Take Control of Your Schedule

With greater transparency and flexibility, you can now reschedule, reserve slots, and communicate more easily with your booked clients. Combined with our  2-way Calendar Sync, you can also set up long-standing, repeating availability for clients to self-book you weeks, months, or even years in advance.

Promoting Your Mini-Sessions

Another great benefit of a mini-session booking app is that it can be used as a tool for marketing your services. You can create a custom mini-session booking page for each event, mini-session, or promotion that you launch, and with Picsello, you can easily manage all of them in one place. You can also create a custom marketing email to spread the word! All of these features help you book more clients and spread the word about your photography business and the services you provide.

Keep it simplified for your clients (and yourself!) with client booking software that seamlessly guides them through the booking process. Click on the photo below to take a quick self-guided tour!

Picsello’s mini-session booking app simplifies your schedule and boosts your productivity.

By providing a streamlined way to manage your booking events it allows users to easily book, manage, and confirm upcoming events with ease. Our user-friendly software makes it simpler than ever before to view and pick available time slots, send out reminders for upcoming sessions, and securely pay for bookings, all from one place.

7 More Ways Picsello’s mini-session scheduler will help you book more mini-sessions

  • Easily click to create and manage booking events from inside your calendar
  • Promote your upcoming photography events and available bookings from your public profile
  • Customize confirmation email messages
  • Grow your business -our client booking is the perfect tool to help you book more mini-sessions
  • View your upcoming availability, events, and mini-sessions from your public profile
  • Easily click “book now” and follow a seamless process that lets them view available dates and times, choose their spot, sign contracts, and complete payments
  • Receive a confirmation email with their shoot details

Client Booking Software that Works as Hard as You do

Our client booking software is a huge time and stress saver for busy photographers. With its streamlined scheduling features and easy-to-use interface, Picsello is the only mini-session booking app you’ll ever need. Whether you run a large or small photography business, this app is the perfect choice for streamlining, saving time, and making money. 

Have questions about how this can work for your business? Just ask! We want to help you get more done in less time and empower you to have the business you always wanted!

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