Studio Manager

Meet your new business assistant- designed to help you convert more leads and book more clients.  Prewritten emails, streamlined Invoicing, contracts, and inbox make us your all-access client communication hub. 

A photographer looking at Picsello's CRM dashboard for photographers
A photo of a Picsello's lead dashboard that focuses on client communication

Respond to inquiries with prewritten emails that are designed to help you convert  more leads or, if you prefer, you can simply craft your own email.

Our Studio Manager questionnaires prepare you and your client for the best shoot. Our easy to use booking proposal sends the proposal, questionnaire, contract and retainer information at once to your client. No more multiple emails to get your client booked! Welcome to Picsello Studio Manager.

Client's have an easy to use portal to manage their business
A female photographer hold a phone with Picsello's CRM dashboard

You can also easily add our contact form to your website and quickly turn new leads into bookings–while Picsello helps you keep track of it all. Preset emails give you the words to turn those leads into paying clients.

Done-for-you emails,  wardrobe guidelines for clients, as well as pre-shoot checklists for photographers,  are all at your fingertips to help you prepare for a successful photoshoot.

I love the way that Picsello flows and so easy to use! All the information I need is easily accessible and well organized. Putting together a proposal for a client is so simple and takes only a few clicks before it's ready to send off for signing and payment.

Get it all done with one simple plan

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