Smart Profit Calculator™

Tired of losing money on sessions? Our proprietary calculator takes the guesswork out of setting your prices. Built by photographers and backed by over 3 years of global industry research, it will help you set your prices for profit and sustainability.

cost of doing business calculator for photography
calculator to help photographers price for profit

Picsello’s calculator is with you from the start

From the time you create your first lead or send your clients a package, you will see what makes Picsello’s calculator so exceptional.

We have taken the guesswork out of formulating your packages by using the info you entered during onboarding and combining it with 3 years of industry research to give you pricing structures for your packages and services that will allow your business to be profitable and sustainable

Picsello’s Smart Profit Calculator™ Let’s You:

Set your prices so your business is profitable and sustainable
Create packages that are tailored to your unique business, location, level of experience, and niche
Feel confident in accurately pricing your work to grow your business

Our proprietary calculator does more than help you price packages. It helps you shape your business into a profitable one.

Photography business calculator from picsello

How does Picsello’s Smart Profit Calculator™ work?


You’ll enter specific information about your business, such as financial and time goals, business costs for camera, computer, memory cards, batteries, etc.


Our calculator factors in not only the industry standard business costs but also the industry standard for how long certain types of shoots take - including all of that back-end work that gets left out all too often!


The calculator will tell you what price you need to charge  and how many shoots you need to do in order to hit your business goals.


We’ll send an email to you with tips and resources about how to raise your prices, and how to schedule a call to help with that process if you need.

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Personal Pricing Guidance

Because we want to guide you and support every step of the way while you manage and grow your business, Picsello makes it easy to talk to experienced photographers about the best ways to raise your prices that make sense for you and your unique business. We know that changing prices–especially raising them to a rate that’s higher than what you thought you could charge–can be difficult. Our experts have been in your shoes, know how to do it,  and truly want you to succeed.

The Smart Profit Calculator™ was so educational and really easy to use. I did reach out to get some tips on how to raise my prices and I got the best advice! Thank you!

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