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It might notfeel like Spring yet, but the days are starting to get a little longer, and Spring mini-session season is here! We’ve created this post for you to get some inspiration for creating your Spring mini-sessions now, so you can start marketing and get your calendar booked while there is still snow on the ground. 

Mini-sessions are a great way to let potential clients experience your photography sessions and work before they commit to a full-length session. Even if certain mini-session clients remain just that, they will still be one more person talking about how great your work is and will help you expand your business through positive reviews and feedback.

Scroll down to get some creative ideas for your next Spring-themed mini-session photoshoot!

Simple Spring Mini-Session Ideas

Spring has certainly not yet sprung, but Spring mini-sessions are about to! Get booking with these ideas for creating your upcoming mini sessions. 

collage of outdoor spring mini-session ideas

Spring Mini-Session Ideas Outdoors

  • Picnic set-up
  • Tea party with favorite stuffed animals 
  • Egg hunt
  • Tents
  • Bubbles
  • Flower garden
  • Blossoming tree

You can use these elements separately, or combine a few to set a Spring scene for your mini-session.

Don’t forget about those Spring showers! When they just so conveniently decide to pop up during your mini-session shoot date (or the weather forecast is looking like they will!) check out this post, Rainy Day Mini-Session Ideas,  and have a backup shoot plan ready to go.

collage of spring mini-sessions in studio

Spring Mini-Session in Studio

  • Tea party with flowers and spring colors
  • Flower crowns
  • Flower and ribbon wands
  • Bunnies
  • Bunny ears
  • Basket or colored eggs
  • Rustic buckets of daffodils 

P.S if you are looking for Spring-themed mini-session backdrops, we recommend these.  

How to Promote Your Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions

Now that you have some inspo for setting up your Spring mini-sessions, it’s time to get the word out and get them booked! Here are some of our favorite tips for marketing your mini-sessions.

  1. First, you’ll want to send a promo email to any of your existing clients to let them know about your upcoming mini-sessions. If you don’t have an email ist yet, get the word out to friends and family and ask them to share. (and then make a note to add the task of gathering clients' emails to your workflow for the future)
  2.  Give full details of your shoot and include urgency in your messaging, “these are only for one day and they are already selling out!”
  3. Don’t forget to add your time, date, and pricing, to your emails and posts
  4. Add any information about rain dates they need to know- whether you will hold the mini-session on a different day, or you will switch locations in case of rain.
  5. Use a direct call to action, “book your mini-session today before they sell out”, and a can’t be missed button they can click to book their session.

Remember: To keep your mini-sessions profitable, and you and your clients happy, remember these key characteristics of what makes a mini-session different from a regular photoshoot. It’s always better that everyone has the same expectations going into a photo shoot. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you got some inspiration from the mini-session ideas in this post. Looking for the perfect way to set up, schedule, and book your mini sessions that is so easy they practically book themselves? Head to our client booking and check out how easy we’ve made it to set it and forget it and have clients filling up your calendar while you sleep!

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