Email Automations

Email automations takes the endless task of client communication and puts it on autopilot. Your account is pre-loaded with set-it-and-forget-it customizable emails that streamline client communications from leads, to galleries, to post-shoot follow-ups. 

Work less, and book more with Picsello.

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Before Email Automations

photographer business software
Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with the constant need for client communication?
photographer business software
Are you stressed and staring at a blank cursor wondering what emails you should be sending to your clients? 
photographer business software
Are you spending too much time and energy on repetitive busy work? 
photographer business software
Are you worried you will miss an opportunity to engage with your clients? 
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With Email Automations:

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Say goodbye to overwhelm with pre-loaded set it-and-forget emails that can be easily customized to your specific business workflow and photographer type. 
online client scheduler for photographers
Lose the stress around client communication with email sequences that will help you say exactly what you need to, when you need to.
online client scheduler for photographers
Save time with pre-written, automated emails that will streamline your workflows.
online client scheduler for photographers
Never miss an opportunity to engage with your client again-email automations are working even when you’re not!
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Set it and Forget it Email Communication

Now you’ll always send the right email at the right time. Automatically send follow ups to those ghosted inquiries, send booking reminders, pre- shoot emails invoices, contracts, and those post shoot follow-up emails.

Stress Less, Book More

Forgetting to send wardrobe guidelines, prep emails, or last minute shoot confirmation details are a thing of the past! You look like a pro and your clients are prepped for their best shoot!

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Pre-written, Pre-loaded Emails are Ready to Send

No more staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor, stressing over what to write. Emails are pre-written for you based on your type of photography- send them as is, or easily customize them.

Streamline Your Workflow

Get rid of the overwhelm of constantly having to follow up on leads or chase booking proposals - it’s done for you! Easily keep in contact with your clients-  Schedule follow up emails once the gallery is sent to remind them to share their love for their images, ask for a review, and schedule emails to have them book their next shoot!

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"I was in the beta test for automations and I am blown away with how much time and energy it has saved me! My clients have said how prepared it made them feel for the shoot! Game changer for my business!"

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