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What is a Mini-Session?

Mini-sessions might seem like a regular photo shoot only shorter, but there is more to mini-sessions than that. Mini-sessions are an event held on a specific day and are often themed. Photographers book several clients back-to-back at a location of the photographers choosing. The clients get a limited number of images (usually 3-5) with the ability to purchase more. This allows photographers to be able to offer sessions at a lower rate than their full sessions

Mini Sessions for Photography

For photographers, mini-sessions are a great way to generate awareness and create demand during relatively slower months of the year. With effective marketing and creative ideas, you can drum up business with fun, reasonably priced minis throughout the year, click here for our free e-book Mini-Sessions 101.

No more waiting for perfect fall weather to give your bank account a boost!

Ideas for 12 Months of Mini-Sessions

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Download our FREE 12 Months of Mini Photo Sessions Calendar here and get started! Use the monthly suggestions as inspiration to create your own idea or just use our recommendations. Either way, you’ll be on your way to building your clientele and expanding your photography business.

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Don’t forget, to schedule these far enough in advance of the actual holiday, especially if it is for a major gifting holiday. Always build in enough time for you to edit these during a busy time and enough time for the clients to order prints, cards, and products. 

If you offer full sessions as well, keep in mind your seasonality. For example, is it more profitable for you to do full sessions during your busy season? If so, only offer minis in the off-season to create demand and supplement your income during the slower times of the year.

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Mini-Sessions- More than Just a Mini Photoshoot

Remember that the point of mini-sessions is that they’re...well, mini. In order to make mini -sessions profitable, you'll want to stick to these rules for setting them up in your business.

These are the top characteristics that make up a mini-session:

  • Run approximately 10-15 minutes in length
  • Back-to-back sessions with a 5-minute break in between
  • Offer a couple of digital images
  • Usually themed
  • One specific date only
  • Location and setup is the photographer’s choice

If a client requests a specific date or location, that is a custom full-priced session unless you can build a mini-session day around it (if they get their friends to book -it can be a win, win!).

Photography Mini-Session Pricing

Pricing a mini-session is different than a full-length session. If you price your mini sessions well, they will give your business a nice boost- especially during slower seasons.

For more information on planning, pricing, and promoting successful mini-sessions, click here for our free e-book Mini-Sessions 101.

Whatever the idea is, plan ahead, share the exciting event with everyone you know, and before you know it, your business will get a much-deserved boost!

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