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In this post, we will dive into the best way to set up your Fall mini-sessions, including how to scout a location, schedule, price, promote, and book them. We’ll also look at what makes a mini-session different from a full-length photoshoot, and share 10 great Fall mini-session setup ideas. (We also included a fun quiz you can take to see if a mini-session or a full session is right for your clients.) This post is packed with goodies- so let’s get started!

What is a Mini-Session?

Let’s take a quick look at what makes up a mini-session. 

  • They are short (usually around 20 minutes), and take place at a time, date, and location that is chosen by the photographer. 
  • They are stacked so you can shoot multiple sessions back-to-back. This is one of the big reasons mini-sessions are cheaper -they maximize your time and allow you to offer volume pricing.
  • They usually offer clients anywhere from 3-5 images (with an additional option to buy them all for a higher price)
  • They offer clients a more affordable option for a photoshoot

mini photography session with baby sitting in the grass with pumpkins.

How to Create a Fall Mini-Session

This basic framework is a roadmap that you can follow to get started with mini sessions. When you start out on the right foot, you will be able to offer your clients mini- sessions that will give new clients a chance to work with you, keep your calendar full, and make you a profit.

  • Choose a date (and a rain date!)
  • Scout a location (and a backup location) and obtain any necessary permits
  • Put together pricing and packages
  • Set up mini-session scheduling and payment methods in your mini-session booking app
  • Hire an assistant for the shoot
  • Create a plan and start promoting your mini-session
  • Set up a client email reminder

For in-depth help with each one of these steps, including how to set up, price, package, promote, and book your mini-sessions, grab our Mini-Sessions 101 Ebook. 

Fall mini session idea with two little girls apple picking.

10 Great Fall Mini-Session Set-Up Ideas

Fall is an amazing time to offer mini-sessions. Between events, holidays, and gorgeous Fall foliage (depending on where you live), many people in your area will be searching for “Fall mini-sessions near me”.

Here are 10 great ideas for Fall mini-session set-ups you can offer to get in on the action.

  1. Back-to-school mini-sessions
  1. Apple orchard/apple picking mini-sessions
  1. Pumpkin patch mini-sessions
  1. Hayride mini-sessions
  1. Halloween mini-sessions
  1. Fall-themed/fall foliage mini-sessions 
  1. Pumpkin Head mini-sessions 
  1. Vintage truck mini-sessions
  1. Cozy Flannel mini-sessions
  1. Hot Chocolate mini-sessions

How Much Should a Fall Mini-Session Cost?

If you have been looking up how to price mini-sessions you have definitely come across a lot of conflicting misinformation. So how do you price your mini-sessions in a way that will let you offer mini-sessions to your clients and let you make money? Here are a few important tips to keep in mind as you create your mini-session packages. 

  • When you are setting your prices for mini-sessions, always keep in mind that you want a day of mini-sessions to be more profitable than a day of regular photoshoots and create your packages accordingly.
  • Your revenue per shoot for mini-sessions should be around $500. If this sounds like a lot or looks high compared to what you have been seeing, remember this: in order for mini-sessions to be profitable the numbers need to take into consideration everything that goes into the shoot, both in front of and behind the camera. (We’ve combined industry data with the average cost of doing business to get to this number.)
  • If you are used to seeing lower prices for mini-sessions, remember that you don’t know how other photographers came up with their prices. Maybe they are amazing at upselling, so their baseline price is almost always higher in the end. You need to set your mini-session prices in a way that is right for your business so you can make money.

How many photos do you usually get in a Fall mini-session?

This is always a most-asked question from photographers and clients alike. The number of photos your clients get from a mini-session will depend on the packages that you offer. You can even three different packages in different price ranges that offer a set amount of digitals - the basic including 3-5, the middle 5-7, and the highest 10. Remember these are mini-sessions, not full sessions! For a more in-depth look at the difference between mini-sessions and full-length photoshoots, check out our post Should My Clients Book a Mini-Session or a Full Session? 

Upsell your mini-sessions

For each package you create you should also include a “buy them all” upsell option for clients who want to purchase more images from their mini-session. This is a good way to add some flexibility to your baseline packages and gives you a chance to make some more money from the session. For the easiest way to upsell your minis check out Picsello. 

At some point, you will undoubtedly hear someone say that you are too expensive. Remember that you have set your prices to what they are for a reason, and that reason is that you need to make money from each photoshoot. You work hard as a photographer and you deserve to be paid for your talent and hard work. 

Fall mini-session photography with a family laughing together outside.

Stress-Free Fall Photoshoot Tips! 

  • Try to book all of your sessions before early November. That way that gives you the time to edit and get them back to your clients over thanksgiving weekend. No more urgent texts over that weekend as some holiday card sale is going on or Aunt Mabel wants to see the latest photos of the kids during thanksgiving dinner. 

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Don’t Forget to Promote Your Fall Mini-Sessions!

Many people are actively searching for “Fall mini-sessions near me” right now, which makes it the perfect time to offer your clients an experience to have a unique and seasonally inspired photoshoot. Get the word out with social media posts, email blasts, and don’t forget to optimize for local SEO! For more marketing tips, check out some of our posts on how to promote your photography business. 

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