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Your mini-session day is fully booked, and you’re ready to go— but it’s raining! Even worse, the forecast is showing rain on your backup day, too. 

What can you do to put together a successful mini-shoot day, regardless of the weather? Here are a few creative options to consider!

Shoot in the Rain

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Sometimes, a little rain can make a mini-session even better. Gather a few props  like clear umbrellas and rain boots. If you’re photographing children, you can get some cute puddle jumping shots too.

Of course, if it’s a major downpour complete with lightning, it’s best to take the photoshoot indoors.

Have an Indoor Option

Happy family in a greenhouse

When your clients book an outdoor mini-session shoot, it’s helpful to not only present them with a backup date but also present them with an indoor backup option, just incase both days are rained out.

Ideally, you’ll show clients examples of the indoor option and the types of photos you would take there, when they book the outdoor mini-session. This way, you have a client-approved plan way ahead of time, just in case of rain.

Scout Around Your Neighborhood

Another idea, for advance planning,  is to scout around your neighborhood for photo-friendly locations. Build a list of indoor locations for minis ahead of time, so that you’re not frantically searching at the last minute.

Look for places with good lighting or the space to bring lighting of your own. (Worst case scenario, you can use an external flash.) Additionally, find places that don’t get excessive foot traffic that could interfere with your shoot.

Meet with local business owners to see if they’re willing to let you shoot mini-sessions in their locations. Asking over the phone is an option too, but a smiling, friendly face is more persuasive. Don’t skip this step—always get permission first. 

Here are a few ideas for fun mini-sessions around the neighborhood:

Coffee Shop Minis

Is there a cute coffee shop in your neighborhood? Ideally, choose a small local place with a warm and friendly aesthetic, something more unique than the average Starbucks. Could you run a hot chocolate mini-session there?

Garden Center Minis

If you have a local garden center, try a greenhouse photoshoot. Capture an outdoor vibe without having to shoot in the rain.

Candy Store Minis

Candy stores make a playful location for minis, especially if you’re photographing kids. Incorporate available props like lollipops and candy bars, or snap a few shots of the kids blowing bubblegum. You can also consider a colorful bakery or ice cream shop.

Bookstore Minis

Bookstores and libraries are other potential locations for a mini-session. The abundance of books, shelves, and comfy seating gives you plenty of options for cool photos.

Rent Studio Space

Two young kids in a christmas mini-session

If you don’t have any businesses you can use, try renting some space for a makeshift studio. Is there a local yoga or dance studio that’s closed on weekends? Does a friend or family member have a large house or garage that you can use? You can always tap into online options such as

Final Thoughts

Baby in a basket during a christmas mini session

If these ideas don’t work out for you, you can always reschedule. Your clients (should) understand that even the most talented photographer can’t control the weather.

However, you should do your best to prepare for when the weather throws a wrench in your plans. Purchase a few rainy-day props, scout the neighborhood, talk to business owners, and set up some fun, creative backup options for mini-sessions. Clients will love your preparation and out-of-the-box thinking!

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