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Mini-sessions are a great way to keep your calendar full by taking advantage of seasonal holidays. They also allow you to experiment with some new creative ideas and let more clients experience a photo shoot with you.  Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity to offer current and existing clients the chance to work with you and get some beautiful images, but these mommy and me photoshoot ideas are popular all year round.

Scroll down to get some ideas for your mommy and me photoshoot!

In Studio Mommy and Me Mini-Session Ideas

collage of mothers day mini-session ideas in studio, mommy and me ideas in-studio

10 Mommy and Me Mini-Session Posing Ideas 

Some of these ideas will work for multiple children, some for single child and mom photos, while others will work best for different ages.  If your mini-session has multiple kids, try to remember to get an individual shot of each of the kids with mom, these one-on-ones are special to have as the kids grow up- plus there is more chance of an upsell for your minis! 


1.     Mommy and the kids holding hands with the kids 

a.     Standing still 

b.     Walking towards you 

c.      Walking away from you 

d.     Walking in a circle all holding hands (or running) 

2.     Kid(s) kissing mom 

3.     Mom kissing kid(s) 

4.     Mom sitting down with kids on her lap (if they are older next to each other) 

a.     mom hugging the kids 

b.     kids hugging their mom 

c.     mom tickling the kids (ask before as some people really hate tickles!)  

d.     kids tickling mom  

e.     kids looking at mom, mom looking at the camera, alternate kids if multiple 

5.     Kids running towards mom, mom has open arms ready for a big hug 

6.     Eskimo kisses 

7.     Mom standing, holding one (smaller) child on her hip 

8.     Mom standing holding and hugging her child

9.     Mom standing  holding her child up in the air and bringing her back to her face with kisses

10.  Mom giving a piggyback ride to her toddler / smaller kid 

Outdoor Mommy and Me Mini-Session Ideas

mother's day mini-session ideas outdoors, mommy and me mini-session ideas outdoor

Don’t forget about your rainy-day backup plan!! Check out this post, Rainy Day Mini-Session Ideas,  and have a backup shoot plan ready to go.

How to Plan Your Mommy and Me Mini-Sessions

There are so many cute ideas for Mommy and me, mother and son, and whole family mini-sessions, and they will all make beautiful images that your clients will love (and rave about to their friends!) Here are some of our favorite tips for planning your mini-sessions so they run smoothly.

1. Choose a date and a rain date

2. Choose a location and a backup location

3. Put together your pricing and packages

4. Set up session scheduling and payments ( this is easier than ever with Picsello’s client booking!)

5. Set- up a waitlist

6. Hire an assistant for your shoot

7. Start promoting your mini-sessions with email, social media, and word-of-mouth

8. Set up reminder emails for your clients

For more details on setting up mini-sessions, grab our free Mini -Session Ebook. 

Wrapping Up Mom and Daughters Photo Ideas

We hope you got some inspiration from the mini-session ideas in this post, and some helpful tips on how to set up your mini-sessions. Looking for the perfect way to create, schedule, and book your mini sessions that is so easy they practically book themselves? Head to client booking and check out how easy we’ve made it to set it and forget it and have clients filling up your calendar while you sleep! Or, check out this quick self-guided tour below!

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