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Team Picsello wants the best for you and your clients, and we carefully consider everything we offer and recommend. We chose White House Custom Color (WHCC) because they have the best product selection and customer service combination. 

We know that there are many great print companies out there, but a few things set WHCC apart:

  1. Industry-leading product selection and availability–WHCC can match or beat the product variety and quality of just about any other pro lab out there. Take a look at everything your clients can order here on our gallery products page.
  2. Incredible customer service–we can’t stress how important this is. Our founder, Jane Goodrich, has personally used WHCC for a long time and loves its customer service. During our partnership, we  have also experienced how they will go above and beyond to ensure that every single print’s quality and accuracy are up to their standards and ours. For example, when we ordered an album made up of all-white JPG files to photograph as a placeholder, WHCC staff assumed the order was an error and called to check with us no less than four times at every step of the production process. That kind of attention to getting the client’s order right before it ships is precisely the kind of service we believe our photographers deserve. 
  3. Cooperation on integration–the last thing we want is for your clients to be frustrated with you when the experience in their gallery doesn’t match the products they receive. WHCC has been very helpful in ensuring their products work seamlessly so your clients can order their prints and products and feel confident that they are getting the quality and customer service that makes YOUR business look good. 

Is WHCC new to you? Then, depending on how you prefer to run your client ordering process, here are three options: 

  • You don’t have to do anything! The print shop is automatically set up in your galleries. You don’t have to get on file with WHCC or give them a credit card or do any self-fulfilling at all. Instead, they’ll ensure that every product meets or exceeds your client’s expectations.
  • If you prefer a higher level of control over the print process, you can order WHCC test prints. This way, you can calibrate your monitor for a little extra control to ensure perfect prints every time. 
  • If you are used to ordering prints for your clients and like your current printer and system, you do not have to use our gallery store (though we think it’ll be much more convenient if you do). If you have a favorite printer, you can easily turn off the print store in your galleries and continue to fulfill clients’ orders that way. Your clients can still purchase and download their digital images through your Picsello galleries. 

Wrapping Up

Picsello was created with you and your business in mind. We carefully designed every bit of our platform to help you grow a photography business into a profitable and viable one. This attention to detail extends to our choice of vendors as well. WHCC checked all of our boxes when it came to giving you and your clients the very best when it comes to products for your client galleries. We know you’ll love offering WHCC products to your clients for their fantastic selection and availability, impeccable customer service, and seamless integration with Picsello gallery software. Running a profitable photography business has never been easier than it is with Picsello, and WHCC is one more part of how we help you create a business that thrives.

P.S For information on Holiday shipping, and a message you can share with your clients about Holiday shipping deadlines, visit 2023 WHCC Holiday Shipping Deadlines.

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