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Here at Picsello, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to run your photography business. Here are some of the updates we’re excited about- and we think you’ll love them too. We’ll update this post as we grow, improve, and add features, so check back here to see what new things you can use to grow your business with your Picsello subscription!

Client Booking 2.0

Have you checked out our Client Booking 2.0? These updates were greatly inspired by your feedback, here are a few highlights:

1. We’ve increased transparency and flexibility, you can now reschedule, reserve slots, and communicate more easily with your booked clients.

2. Share your availability effortlessly across your website, Picsello Public Profile, and through targeted email campaigns.

3. Integration with our  2-way Calendar Sync lets you set up long-standing, repeating availability for clients to self-book you weeks, months, or even years in advance.

4. Self-book session times  align perfectly with your clients' schedule.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to experience the streamlined beauty of this newly updated feature and see how easy it is to book mini and full-length sessions with Picsello.

Email Automations

Our biggest feature yet puts the endless task of client communication on autopilot. This takes so much work off your plate you’ll feel like you hired an assistant.

1. Your Picsello account is pre-loaded with set-it-and-forget-it customizable emails-no more staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor, stressing over what to write.

2. Streamline the entire client communications journey from leads, to galleries, to post-shoot follow-ups. 

3. You look like a pro and your clients will be prepped for their best shoot! 

4. Never miss an opportunity to engage with your clients again-email automations are working even when you’re not!

Picsello custom questionnaire screen.

Custom Questionnaires

Announcing custom questionnaires that are a great way to prep your client - and yourself - for the shoot! Learn and get ahead of the client's expectations and how those may/may not fit with the details around the time of the shoot, location, etc. You’ll find pre-written questionnaire templates that are ready for you to use as-is, or, duplicate and modify as you see fit! Need to dig deeper with a client? You can also easily create your own questionnaire from scratch to suit your specific shoot prep needs. 

Contacts 2.0

Welcome to your client overview! Announcing an easy way to view, sort, and tag clients, as well as bulk-upload existing ones. Here you can see all your clients in one view, search, sort, and add new ones. You can also easily take “action” by sending an email, creating a gallery, and more! Be sure to take advantage of tags - little notes that will help you sort and remember client details (learn more about using tags here) Some of the highlights of the client dashboard include: 

  • View a full list of clients listed alphabetically by first name along with email, phone number, and tags
  • View details by client, send an email, create a lead or gallery, import jobs or archive
  • Ability to search clients by email, first and last name for easy sorting

Clients are the core of your business, and with Contacts 2.0 its easier than ever to organize, sort, and communicate with them.

Global gallery settings screen on desktop and mobile.

Global Gallery Settings

Now you can set your own print product pricing and more with global gallery settings! This update gives you the ability to select gallery settings on a global level, and also still retain the ability to modify them on a specific job level as needed. Adjustable settings include expiration dates on your galleries, watermarks for your images, digital products, as well as printed products, upselling, and pricing.

Ability to Edit Lead and Job Name

This update allows you to edit your lead or job name. We will still add a default name upon creation, but you can now update it if you like by clicking the three-dot menu. At the root of our updates, features and fixes are our users

Onboarding Revamp

We reduced the number of steps you have to take to sign up for Picsello! Now you can fully experience Picsello for 30 days without entering your credit card (if you want to sell Physical Gallery products you will need to enter a credit card.)

Picsello gallery greeting cards.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a very popular way for your clients to use their photos–don’t let them go to another card printer! We make it easy for them to design and order cards directly from their gallery.

New Welcome Modal

As a new user, it can be overwhelming to get started learning the ins and outs and how-tos. To make things easier, we’ve added a new welcome modal to help you navigate and explore Picsello.

Create a gallery without having a lead or job first!

You're now able to upload a gallery without having to book a job first. This is handy if you are using another CRM, are transitioning from another platform, or just want to upload some photos and sell products!

Custom payment schedules in your packages

Choose our defaults, or customize your own payment schedules for up to 3 separate dates for the ultimate flexibility. This update gives you and your clients options for how to arrange payments.

Some other improvements include the ability to:

  • Download only one photo instantly or download all photos from email for the photographer
  • Go to cart button on the choose product modal in the client-side gallery
  • Copy client proposal link before sending the proposal so you can share in text or another platform without having to email

Proofing Finals Album

We finalized our proofing galleries feature! We've added a finals upload you can automatically create from your clients' choices, or upload your final edits. Additional updates include improved gallery bulk uploading, and an updated client-facing booking proposal portal with a full view of their invoice schedule.

Sharing Your Client Booking Events

As a fast follow-up to Client Booking, we added the hidden metadata needed on the page to create the preview you sometimes see in text messages and on social platforms. We also added the ability to see all active booking events on your Public Profile so you have a one-stop-shop to get you booked!

Client booking screen in Picsello.

Client Booking and Scheduling

Seamlessly create packages and manage your time slots. Book clients while you sleep. View everything in one place- your calendar, events, availability per day, and bookings. Easily see where your schedule is full and which sessions could use a little marketing push. Our streamlined process guides clients through the entire booking process- they can view your availability, read proposals,  sign contracts, and submit payments for each booking.

We also added tips and tricks on how to write an enticing description for your booking events.

Check Back for More New Features!

 At the root of all of our updates, features, and fixes are our photographers. We are always looking for ways to streamline the way you manage, market, and monetize your business so you can spend more time behind the camera and less time at your desk-  Check back here for the latest, and sign up for our newsletter The Lens and be the first to know about updates and new features. 

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