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Looking for Valentine’s Day mini-session ideas? We’ve got you covered! Whether you are looking for Valentine’s day photoshoot ideas for kids, or for couples, Ideas for doing Valentine's day mini-sessions outdoors, or want to put together an indoor Valentine’s day photoshoot, you are sure to find some ideas inside this post. 

Scroll down to get some creative ideas for your next Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

Valentine's Day Mini-Session Ideas

To keep your mini-sessions profitable, and you and your clients happy, remember these key characteristics of what makes a mini-session different from a regular photoshoot. It’s always better that everyone has the same expectations going into a photo shoot. 

A mini-session is a short photography session that takes place at the location and time chosen by the photographer and gives clients between 3-5 final photographs. A mini-session is:

  • Short and takes less than 15-20 minutes from beginning to end
  • Takes place at a location that the photographer chooses
  • Takes place on a date that the photographer chooses
  • Between 3-5 final images for clients

Another big difference between the two types of sessions is that mini-sessions are stacked, meaning you shoot multiple sessions back-to-back. That’s why mini-sessions are cheaper. They allow you to maximize your time and offer volume pricing. Sticking to these guidelines will help give your clients a clear idea of what they are getting with their mini- session (which always makes for happier clients!), and keeps these sessions profitable for your business. 

Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Love is in the air! And so are mini-sessions! These ideas are great ideas on their own, or let your imagination run wild and combine a few, or add a creative touch of your own. Valentine’s day minis make great cards as well- so don’t forget to remind your clients to have some made along with their downloads.

P.S. Check out our super fun and easy card maker here- you can even use it on your phone!

collage of kids for valentine's day, collage of valentine's day mini-session ideas for kids, valentine's day mini session ideas outdoor, valentine's day mini-session ideas indoor

Valentine's Day photoshoot for kids

  • Mini-heart backdrop
  • Heart balloons
  • Paper cut-out heart bunting
  • Love balloon
  • Love signs
  • Heart-shaped lollipops
  • Pink, white, and red balloon backdrop
  • Rustic wall with hearts
  • Heart sunglasses
  • Favorite stuffed animal

Valentine's Day Mini-Session Ideas for Couples

  • Hanging flower backdrop
  • Giant heart balloon 
  • Lips balloon
  • XOXO signs/backdrop
  • Sparkling rose cheers
  • Be mine sign
  • Vintage valentines cards
  • Rose petals
  • Kissing booth 
collage of couples for valentine's day, valentine's day mini session ideas for couples, valentine's day mini session ideas, valentine's day minis, mini session ideas, valentine's day mini sessions outdoor

Ideas for  Valentine’s Day Mini-Session Outdoor

  • Heart balloons
  • Heart bunting in trees
  • Red and white blankets
  • Red and white decorated truck beds
  • White tee-pee with red heart bunting
  • Heart-shaped fairy string lights

Ideas for Valentine's Day Photoshoot Indoor

  • Mini heart confetti
  • Giant vintage Picture frame
  • Candy hearts
  • Be mine backdrop
  • Hanging heart garland backdrop

P.S if you are looking for Valentine’s Day mini-session backdrops, we recommend these.  

valentine's day mini session ideas, Valentine's day mini sessions, valentine's day mini-session ideas outdoor, couple outside with heart gloves for valentine's day

Wrapping Up

Valentine’s Day mini-sessions are a fun way to use your creativity and give your clients a photoshoot they’ll love. Looking for the perfect way to set up, schedule, and book your mini sessions that is so easy they practically book themselves? Head to client booking and check out how easy we’ve made it to set it and forget it and have clients filling up your calendar while you sleep!

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