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Being part of Facebook groups can be productive in many ways. However, deciding which ones to join can be daunting as there are seemingly millions of possibilities for photographers. Since there is no way to join them all, here is a list of helpful Facebook groups. 

Profitable NON-IPS Photographers 

The information offered in this group is invaluable, including recommendations for pricing your work effectively, how to conduct a proper shoot, how to deal with clients, and more. The members are professional photographers who can provide tools that will help you make the money you deserve for your craft.

Ana Brandt

Ana Brandt’s group serves as a peer-source support group for the specialty of maternity and newborn photography, a field that Ana has defined for over a generation and now shares her wisdom and guidance with other photographers. 

The Photographers Revolution

Dana truly believes that family photographers need to start a pricing revolution and take back their businesses. She hopes that people who join this group aim to run thriving family businesses that work for them and their families while feeding their creative souls.

The Milkway – A Photographer’s Resource

The Milkyway Facebook group is a safe space for photographers on all levels to connect and get feedback on your newborn, maternity, or family photography.

Effective Client Communication

Started by Libby Neder, Customer Service trainer, turned Sociologist, turned 12-years-in-business wedding and portrait photographer. Effective Client Communication covers everything from  setting expectations preventatively to putting out currently raging fires is up for discussion. We help solve misunderstandings with the goal of making both client and business owner's experience better.

Kyle Goldie’s Rockstar Growth Group

Kyle’s group is full of genuine support and a place to chat business about your photography business. This is the place to ask your questions! It’s great if you want to level up your business, make more money, work fewer hours - and get the support you need along the way.

Ben Hartley’s Photography Mastermind

Ben’s group focuses on building successful photography businesses. Discussions include high-level strategies on how to get clients, price your photography, and which marketing tactics to use today in our industry. 

The LawTog 

TheLawTog® is not a lawyer on-demand group but rather a US-based educational website and community group for photographers to share info on business, marketing, the law, and more. The information provided in this community group is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. TheLawTog is not a law firm and does not provide legal services.

Booked Up Photographers | Facebook Ads & Marketing with Samantha Grant

This group provides a wealth of information to help you get going and keep going!

Photographer SEO

This discussion group helps photographers optimize their websites through better SEO, simplified user experience, targeted marketing, and better photography portfolios. 

Learn the Business of Photography – Easton Reynolds

This group aims to help photographers strategize and implement new marketing techniques into their businesses to create added revenue.

The Happy Togs

 The Happy Togs is a group for POSITIVE photographers, from hobbyists to professionals, who want to spread kindness & inspiration.


LOOKSLIKEFILM is a fantastic group if you are seeking serious inspiration and photographer goals! They even feature you if you get 1,000 likes for an image! 

Book More Photography Clients

Brooke Jefferson’s Community is for photographers who want more consistent clients. In this group, you will find photography business mentorship, marketing strategies, social media tips and tricks, and so much more. 

Instagram Strategies for Entrepreneurs

In this group, they will cover what's new with the Instagram algorithm, strategies you can employ to get better engagement, how to read your insights, and more!

MEP VIP Education 

A husband and wife team who pride themselves on providing education that helps you push through to gain more mini-session more guessing!  

SOULMATE and SMAL LR & ACR Presets | Sven Malojlo 

A fantastic resource for photographers. This group offers a ton of excellent editing information for you! They do sell presets, but you don’t have to buy them.

Summerana Photography Society

Summerana’s group is a welcoming group where you can ask for advice. In addition, is a virtual academy where you can learn photography, marketing, Lightroom, and Photoshop editing.

Final Thoughts

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It is important to consider that these groups are what you make of them. The group admins work hard to keep drama out of the discourse. However, combining human nature with social media makes it difficult for anything to be drama-free. The best decision is not to play into it or get involved since it won’t help you on your photography journey. It’s advisable to take the good away and leave the bad.

It is essential to understand that these groups include a wide range of members. Members can vary from those who have just picked up a camera to those who have made a very good living from photography. Don’t take criticism from someone you’d never go to for advice. Everyone’s likes and dislikes are different, and it’s unrealistic to expect universal appreciation of your work. Therefore, you can take CC (constructive criticism) from people whose work you love and find to be technically sound and ignore the rest.

Continue searching for Facebook groups that make you feel at home. So, off you go into the social media wild, and happy Facebook hunting!   

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