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There are so many Black Friday sales that it can be overwhelming, but it is a perfect time to get great deals on those high ticket items you need to run your business.  

Let’s go through some of the most popular (and needed!) buys for photographers, from memory cards to computers.

  1. Memory cards! Photographers can never have too many memory cards! Memory cards are some of the most popular things to go on sale, so stock up for the next year!
  1. External Hard Drives. It is advised to have your files saved in many places. So, in addition to backing up your computer AND saving files to the cloud, an external hard driveare  another great option. Even a third backup to store those raw files and final images is something to think about.
  1. Cameras and lenses.  It’s a great time to upgrade, buy a backup camera body, get some new lenses, or any extras (harnesses, tripods, etc.) you might need (or simply want!).
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  1. Gear (lighting and backdrops).  Who doesn’t love getting new gear, whether it is a new camera bag, harness or even lighting for your studio? Look for this year’s holiday backdrops going on sale for your holiday sessions next year!   
  1. Computers. If you need a new laptop or computer, you probably won’t find a better time to buy one than Black Friday sales.
  1. Props / Wardrobe. This is also a great time to get fall props on sale. Think of next year; what props will you need for fall shoots?  Do you need any blankets? What about wardrobe? A LOT of great photography wardrobe vendors have fabulous sales on Black Friday, and it’s a great time to stock up!
  1. Mentorships. When you find a photographer and want to learn from them, getting mentorship from them is amazing!
  1. Classes. Whether it is in an in-person class or online course - lookout for those Black Friday specials - it’s a fabulous time to sign up to learn. Here is a great resource!
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  1. Editing Actions and Presets. Look out for your favorite presets to go on sale around Black Friday. It’s a great time to purchase the ones that you have been dreaming of getting! 
  1. Software. Black Friday is when a lot of Software companies also offer great sales on their software and subscriptions. It will be a great time to get a deal on an amazingly intuitive software platform that will help you manage, market, and monetize your business. 
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