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Today we are sharing some great strategies you can use when you are trying to book Fall clients. We’ll go over different ways that you can use social media, search engines, and your marketing best friend (your email list!) to get your Fall calendar booked up now while Summer is still in full swing. 

We’ll also talk about how word of mouth is a powerful tool for booking clients and how to encourage a healthy dose of positive sharing about your photography business.

This post is full of so many useful tips- let’s dive right in to the best strategies to fill up your Fall calendar!

Social Media Strategies to get More Fall Clients Now

  • Use time-sensitive, compelling language in your messaging. When you are writing your social media captions, drafting an email, or posting stories on Instagram  use words and phrases that let people know that early bookings can fill quickly. Curate your feed for the Fall season and share photos from past Fall photoshoots.
  • Utilize the right hashtags. Use instagram to search popular hashtags in your local area, seasonal hashtags, and photography hashtags. Use a mix of high and medium volume hashtags in your posts. Remember to use the location to maximize that potential clients in your area will see them! 
  • If there are any upcoming holidays or events, use these in your marketing.
  • Post consistently! Make sure to share at least one post a day on your social media channels. You can schedule your posts ahead of time with Facebook’s Creator Studio To save even more time you can share posts on Instagram and have it automatically shared to Facebook.
  • Share your photos. Be sure to share your images on social media to entice people to book with you. You take beautiful pictures-show them off!
  • Be authentic! The more you connect naturally with your audience, the more people will want to book a photoshoot with you.
  • Direct your social media marketing at your ideal client. Posting just to get more likes and followers won’t help you book more clients. Share things that you know your ideal client is looking for and you will get more bookings from social media. 
  • Reach out to recurring clients and referrals you have been meaning to get back to. Life gets busy, now is a great time to get back to potential clients that may be waiting in your DMs or messenger inbox. 
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Get More Fall Photography Clients in Search Engines

Optimizing your organic search traffic with Google and Pinterest can really boost the chances that someone will find you and book you for a Fall photoshoot.

  • Make sure your Google Business profile is up to date. When people are searching for nearby photographers you want to pop up in their results. If you don’t have one, you can create one here 
  • Create multiple Pinterest boards that are related to Fall photography. You can post photoshoot ideas, what to wear inspiration boards, and tips that will help clients get ready for a Fall photoshoot. Don’t forget to use location based keywords on Pinterest, too. 
  • Create a few blog posts using seasonal and local keywords. Use a keyword search engine tool to help you find keywords that people are searching for in your area. This article lists 10 free keywords research tools you can use. SEO can take a while to show results but the long-term benefits of getting your business to rank on page one of a Google search is well worth the effort. For more info on this, check out our post on SEO for Photographers.

Use Your Email List to Book Out Your Fall Calendar

Your email list is still one of the most valuable sales tools you have when it comes to getting more clients. Email is still the number one converter for small businesses. Here are a few tips for using email marketing in your photography business. 

  • Email marketing is so successful in part because it is personal. It comes directly from you to your clients (or potential clients). Remember to add a personal touch when you are crafting your emails and this will encourage more bookings as a result.
  • Write a compelling subject line. You can’t get any bookings from your email subscribers if they aren’t opening your emails. Go for something catchy,but don’t go overboard (don’t use all caps, or yell words like FREE! As it can get flagged for spam). Be sure that your subject line is related to what’s inside the email in some way.
  • Speaking of what’s inside, sharing content that your list is interested in is key to email marketing. Make sure to share non-promotional content, like sneak peaks at photo shoots, ideas for what to wear to photoshoots, your upcoming schedule or travel plans, along with your email blasts about promotional events and upcoming bookings.
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The Power of Word-of-Mouth

People love to talk. Make that a good thing when it comes to your business by treating your clients like gold. Here are some tips on how to treat your clients so well they will be singing your praises to all of their friends and family.

  • Pay attention to details. When your clients are on a photoshoot with you, what little things can you think of to provide that will make them feel special and catered to?
  • Think of the what if scenarios so your clients don’t have to. This will make your clients feel more relaxed on their shoot.
  • Be clear about your process and prices right from the beginning. A confused client is an unhappy client.

Final Thoughts on Booking Your Fall Calendar

All of these strategies will help you fill up your calendar for Fall. By creating a marketing campaign that utilizes  social media, email, and SEO you will boost your bookings in no time. Don’t forget to put the cherry on top of all of your hard work by creating a great experience for your clients that they won’t be able to keep to themselves!

P.S, While summer is still in full swing and it is so HOT that you and your clients are MELTING like us, we’ve got 10 ideas on how to cool down a Summer photoshoot in this post.

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