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Launching a photography business can be challenging. At first, it can involve a lot of mistakes, plus trial and error.  Some lessons don’t have to be learned the hard way.You can learn from established photographers who have already walked the path.

We talked to nine experienced  photographers about their best advice for people who want to start their photography business soon. This is important so be sure to take notes. Here is what they had to say - 

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start their photography business now?

A photo of Kirsten Spencer
Being a photographer is a serious business. You can’t mess up people’s once-in-a-lifetime events, so don’t start your business until you have a backup of everything. Know your equipment inside and out. Have a backup plan for everything in case something goes sideways.”
Kirsten Spencer, Maternity, Family, & Senior Portrait Photographer

Image of Cassie Clay Shulte, Maternity, Newborn, & Children’s Portrait Photographer.

“Run your CODB (cost of doing business), know that you are worth a livable salary for your work, and put on your big girl pants because it’s tough!”
Cassie Clayshulte, Maternity, Newborn, & Children’s Portrait Photographer

Image of Aoife Bradley, Commercial, Fashion, & Lifestyle Photographer.

“Do a business plan and a marketing plan—very important!”
Aoife Bradley, Commercial, Fashion, & Lifestyle Photographer

A photo of Sefanie Murphy
Charge what you need to be profitable from the very beginning.
Stefanie Murphy, Portrait and Event Photographer

Image of Emma Thurgood.
Don’t undersell yourself. It’s better to grow slowly over burning out from taking on too much too soon. And build a system for managing clients and do it the same way for every job.”
Emma Thurgood, Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Image of Miranda Eorio, Wedding & Family Portrait Photographer
Invest in education, invest in YOURSELF, and hire out anything that does not bring you joy.”
Miranda Eorio, Wedding & Family Portrait Photographer

Image of Leila Sutton, Lifestyle Photographer.
“Be willing to adapt, learn as much as you can from seasoned pros, and make time to shoot often. Look at your work with a critical eye and be willing to accept the same from others in the visual arts arena. Oh, and have backup equipment for every job!”
Leila Sutton, Lifestyle Photographer

Image of Roderick Alan, Wedding Photographer.
“Forget needing the BEST gear. Learn to market yourself. Be yourself and of course, get Picsello!”
Roderick Alan, Wedding Photographer

Image of Caitlyn Eakins, Newborn Photographer.
Don’t compete on price. People are looking for experience. If you can deliver that, you’re golden.”
Caitlyn Eakins, Newborn Photographer

Key Takeaways To Starting Your Photography Business The Right Way

It’s easy to see the recurring theme here: YOU. 

Invest in yourself. 

  • This can be through continuing education or getting a mentor to guide you through the behind-the-scenes details of running your own business
  • This definitely has to do with how much you charge. Don’t sell yourself short by offering cheaper prices. You are talented and the clients should pay you what you’re worth. 
  • Be tough and power through, but also be gentle on yourself. You will learn SO much over the first year. Give yourself some grace but also know when to not back down and move forward. You’ve got this!
  • Look for solutions that will help you and your business grow. Picsello is one of those all-in-one platforms that can help take care of a lot of these must-do tasks.

Hopefully, these words of wisdom have helped you.

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