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Raise your hand if you like free stuff! How about free stuff that helps you grow your photography business and knock your goals out of the park? Yeah, we’re totally here for that, too. And that’s why of all the gift guides out there this holiday season, this might be our favorite. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best freebies for photographers. From goal setting and building your business with marketing, client communication, and content creation, to taking amazing photos and editing, there is a learning opportunity here for everyone. So grab a beverage, have a scroll, and dig into the next exciting way you are going to grow your business in 2023!

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Brush up On Your Photography Skills

Cassidy Lynne is a wedding and elopement photographer, and educator who offers a ton of courses and free resources that will help you run a successful photography business. Check out her free guides to posing, camera gear, and choosing locations right here!

Just getting started? Grab Emily Supiot’s Manual Mode Handbook! When you sign up for this resource, you will also get more photography training directly in your inbox.

Jenny Cruger from The  Motherhood Anthology has all the tips you need to create beautiful backlighting in your photography. Download the guide to capturing beautifully backlit photos here.

Free Resources for Newborn Photographers

Ana Brandt, a professional photographer, and international educator has some wonderful free resources for newborn photographers, like posing guides and must-have items. Click the link above to visit her site, and sign up for her newsletter to get access to her free tools and resources.

Looking for tips on some of the most important skills for newborn photographers? The Milkyway offers free training for that-  Access it here

For Wedding Photographers

Kyle Goldie offers a free 7-day wedding day crash course that will help you get more bookings. This course is delivered directly to your inbox for a week, sign up here.

If You Are Just Getting Your Photography Business Started

Whether you are just getting started on your photography business journey, or you want to brush up on the basics and strengthen the foundation of your business, check out Picsello’s How to Start a Photography Business Ebook.

Jen Bilodeau and Click Community have a free guide, 10 Steps to Help You Launch Your Photography Business. Download this resource for starting your business here. 

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Photographer’s Resource Library

Audrey Ann, of Live, Snap, Love offers access to her entire resource library for photographers for the bargain price of your email address. Visit her site, sign up for free photography printables and guides, and get the Free 90-Day Photography Starter Guide.

From checklists to E-books, you can find all of Picsello’s free resources for photographers here.

Get organized

The secret to staying calm, cool, and collected on every shoot?  Picsello’s Pre-Shoot Checklist! We’ve created a checklist you can use for every shoot so you are always prepped for success.

Up Your Mini Session Game

Miranda Eorio offers a free course on how to plan successful (and profitable!) mini-sessions in your business. This course will help you plan mini-sessions and incorporate them into your business. Miranda gives you great tips on how to create a workflow, plan out your sessions, and upsell your gallery. Check out the free course here.

If you are just getting started with minis Picsello has a roadmap for you with our Mini Session 101 Ebook.

Improve Your Client Communication

Libby Neder offers a free consultation cheat sheet that will give you the tools you need to up your client communication skills and never get stumped during a consultation again. Click here to grab the freebie.

Photographer setting her business goals.

Set Your Business Goals

Nicole Leanne's goal Setting Planner will help you set your business goals so you can get clear on your priorities and reach your goals. Download the free Goal Setting Planner here. 

Define Your Business

Want to write a killer mission statement for your business? Tammy Zelez has you covered! Click here to download her Mission Statement Worksheet.

Grow Your Email List

Jenna Kutcher’s free email list-building resources have everything you need, whether you are looking for courses, guides, workshops, or templates all neatly packaged in one list-to-launch freebie place. Get started growing your email list here for free right here.

Fill Your Calendar

Looking for more ways to market your photography business? Learn some new tricks of the trade with Jenny Cruger’s marketing secrets to fill up your calendar with this free guide on The Motherhood Anthology. 

Set Your Sales Tax (The Right Way)

Tiffany Bastian,  dishes up all of her best tips for photographers setting up their sales tax the right way. Download a copy of Sales Tax Guide for Photographers and get sales tax compliant for the state you reside in and any states you do business in. Every state is included so be sure to grab this awesome business resource.

Wrapping Up

No matter what you want to learn this year, there is something in here that will get you started down the path to your new goals. Don’t forget to bookmark this post or add it to your favorites so you can come back for more resources when you are ready. 

P.S. Before you go, be sure to take a look at what  Picsello is bringing to the business growth and goal-reaching table this year with our Business Mastermind. Check it out right here!

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