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Minor Fixes

January 21, 2023


  • Fixed an upload issue in the gallery system 
  • Fixed a minor issue in the new global gallery settings

Lead/Contact Form Tweaks

January 17, 2023


  • Allow the lead/contact form to work without the Public Profile being active
  • Minor fix to Contacts 2.0 and the lead/contact form

Gallery Pricing Customization and Custom Questionnaires

January 12, 2023

New Feature: Custom Questionnaires

Questionnaires are a great way to prep you and your client for a shoot as they help you learn about your client's expectations, give you time to get ahead of them, and see how those may/may not fit with the details around time of the shoot, location, etc. Our addition of pre-written questionnaire templates are ready for you to use as-is, or, duplicate and modify as you see fit! Need to dig deeper with a client? You can also easily create your own questionnaire from scratch to suit your specific shoot prep needs. 

New Feature: Contacts 2.0

Clients are the core of your business and with Contacts 2.0 it's easier than ever to organize, sort, and communicate with them. Here you can see all your clients in one view, search, sort, and add new ones. You can also easily take “action” by sending an email, creating a gallery, and more! Be sure to take advantage of tags - little notes that will help you sort, organize and segment your communications for CRM.

  • View a full list of clients with their name, email, phone number, and tags
  • View details by client
  • send an email, create a lead or gallery, import jobs or archive right from the table
  • Ability to search clients by email or name

New Feature: Global Gallery Settings

Now you can set your own print product pricing and more with global gallery settings! This update gives you the ability to select gallery settings on a global level or modify them on a specific job level if you prefer. Adjustable settings include expiration dates on your galleries, watermarks for your images, digital products, as well as printed products, upselling, and pricing.

Other Features:

  • Added a backend admin panel for Picsello to upload your contacts; this sets us up for success to make it easier for you to upload your own


  • Updated the browser tab titles across many different screens in the app to help orient you on where you are in the platform 
  • The navigation bar now follows you down the page - making sure it is accessible when you need it
  • Added our main navigation bar to the galleries to make navigating around Picsello easier
  • Renamed the pricing calculator to “Smart Profit Calculator™”
  • Fixed an issue editing a package on a lead/job
  • Fixed an issue with the pagination within some of our tables/card views

Time a-changin'

January 4, 2023


  • Additional time increments are available for shoot detail modals for longer sessions (lookin’ at you wedding photographers)

Holiday Cleanup

December 19, 2022


  • We added a transactional email that notifies you if a booking has come through a client booking event; before it was using the normal booking notification


  • Fixed some photo grid issues on the client side. Photos were disappearing suddenly and appeared again on refresh
  • General styling fixes across the app
  • Toast (success, error, info) messages are now appearing on mobile
  • The selected package is now highlighted on the create booking even setup modal
  • Fixed a download credits count issue for your clients that was displaying oddly in certain cases

Smart Profit Calculator

December 8, 2022

Made some calculation changes to our Smart Profit Calculator to make it more accurate, easier to understand, with a fresh coat of paint!


  • If your gallery has a cover photo, it will now show by default on your main list of galleries

WHCC Deadlines

December 6, 2022
  • Added a system announcement (next up card) to inform of WHCC guaranteed shipping deadlines

Import a Job and Finals Album Fixes

November 28, 2022


  • While in proofing, the finals album is now showing products
  • When creating a new account, importing a job had a small bug that is now fixed


November 22, 2022
Client Booking

We scrubbed the kitchen to get ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday!


  • Added a backend admin panel so we can deliver important system announcements to you faster!
  • Launched our Black Friday deal


  • Booking events are now sorted in ascending order, or reverse chronological order, starting with the upcoming dates first 
  • Fixed the products grid height when editing product previews
  • Copy link on the galleries page had a small error when clicked
  • Now using the client name instead of “New Gallery” when creating a gallery from the gallery page grid
  • Stopped sending an automatic email when creating a new gallery
  • Dates on booking event pages had a small bug when displaying chronological order
  • WHCC sync configuration for staging and production (resolved memory issue)
  • Random errors that our logging system captured

New Card Designs

November 16, 2022

Just in time to add some sparkle to the holidays, be sure to browse, and recommend to your clients, some of the new holiday card designs including some with foil overlays ! Be sure to browse and recommend they consider some of the new holiday card designs, includings some with foil overlays for them to choose from. for them to choose from, includinas well as some that include the option of foil overlays

Offline payments, Dismiss Next Up Cards, and New User Modal

November 10, 2022

Starting today, you will be able to accept offline payments from your clients in both booking proposals and client booking. You can also mark a job as paid offline. Make sure to turn offline payments on in your finance settings if you want to accept cash or checks!

New features:

  • Added client name to lead/job modal wizard so you know who you are working with
  • Tired of seeing some of your next-up cards? So were we. You are now able to dismiss them after taking action!
  • As a new user, it can be overwhelming to get started. We’ve added a new welcome modal to help people get started exploring Picsello.


  • Disabled share gallery buttons in the footer when there is a proofing album in the gallery; proofing galleries are shared in a different way!
  • Fixed photo count issue on client-facing galleries (we went back to math class!)

Edit Lead/Job Name & More

October 31, 2022

Starting today, you can now edit your lead or job name. We will still add a default name upon creation, but you can now update it if you like by clicking the three dot menu!

Galleries and Orders:
  • We've added the ability to disable the gallery if there are orders in it versus only having delete as an option. We did this so you and your client don't lose your transaction history.
  • Removed the delete option from photos and albums if there is an order. Same reason as above!
  • Hovering over greeting card designs now shows the front and back view of the card.

Cards and Gallery Bug Hunting

October 21, 2022

We did a lot of bug hunting in the gallery for this round of updates!

  • Fixed watermarks not showing on all the photos.
  • Fixed logo watermark not uploading in some cases.
  • Fixed client-side gallery images being stacked oddly in certain instances.
Product Ordering:
  • Fixed gallery card pricing with no volume discount tag. Since cards come in packs, you're clients are getting a volume discount and we don't need to show them that!
  • Fixed Stripe checkout for gallery cards that were not loading in some instances.

Fall Cleaning!

October 18, 2022
Client Booking

We all have to clean house every once and awhile!

  • Created more consistency in container widths.
  • Updated the way we present and talk about gallery pricing and upsells.
General updates:
  • Fixed a bug in booking proposal acceptance and some pesky typos! We also made some changes under the hood to make our developers' lives easier.
Client booking:
  • Added some tips and tricks on how how to write an enticing description for your booking events.

Cards, Cards, Cards, Oh My!

October 14, 2022

Today we launched a few major features that will improve your experience with Picsello: Greeting Cards, Standalone Galleries, and Custom Payment Schedules!

Greeting cards are available for your clients to create and order directly from their gallery! (Super fun to create and mobile friendly!)

Greeting cards are a very popular way for your clients to use their photos–don’t let them go to another card printer! We make it easy for them to design and order cards directly from their gallery. Don’t forget photo cards are for more than just holidays–you can suggest that your clients use their photos to make birth announcements, save the dates, change of address, personal Valentines, or simply because they want to send a unique card to family and friends.  Again, we make it easy for clients to order their photo cards from your gallery.

Learn more about all the products you can offer with Picsello

Creating a gallery without having a lead or job first!

You're now able to upload a gallery without having to book a job first. This is handy if you are using another CRM, are transitioning from another platform or just want to upload some photos and sell products!

Custom payment schedules in your packages!

Choose our defaults, or customize your own payment schedules for up to 3 separate dates for the ultimate flexibility. This update gives you and your clients options for how to arrange payments.

Some other improvements- you can now:

  • Download only one photo instantly or download all photos from email for the photographer
  • Go to cart button on the choose product modal in the client-side gallery
  • Copy client proposal link before sending the proposal so you can share in text or another platform without having to email

A lot of minor fixes, too many to list!

Favoriting and Longer Shoot Lengths

October 5, 2022
Client Booking

Small batch of updates for you here!

  • Clients are now able to see all favorites in one single album.
Client Booking:
  • Smaller increments of shoot lengths added for client booking events.