Picsello's Photography Business Mastermind


Build a strong foundation for every part of your business so it supports growth and sustainable profit
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Set up your business so you can run it with ease and create work/life harmony


Do something you love with a community of photographers who share your goals and support your journey

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and short on time in your business? Do you feel like there has to be an easier way to get it all done? There is! We’ve got exactly what you need if you want to stop spinning your wheels and build a successful business doing what you love -without losing your mind, your money, and your personal life in the process.

Picsello’s Online Photography Business Mastermind is one part easy-to-follow classes and one part engaged community of photographers that will help you build a successful photography business.

You want…

A sustainable, viable business that gives you the life and business you want — doing something you truly enjoy.

But you feel…

Discouraged and frustrated, maybe you have asked yourself, “can I really do this?” (hint: you definitely can, we’ll get to why we’re so sure of that in a minute)

Picsello’s Business Mastermind is here to help you achieve success on your terms

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Picsello’s Business Mastermind will help you lay a strong foundation for every part of your business so it supports growth and profitability.
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We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and photographers facing the same questions and challenges you are! We understand the frustrations and we take personal investment in your success.
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We invested time, expense, and energy in executing extensive research to help you set your prices for profit.
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We did our homework- listened to the problems photographers were facing, and formed a diverse team of experts to develop a one-of-a-kind, end-to-end online solution.
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No matter where you are in your business, or how you define success, Picsello's Business Mastermind will help you reach your goals.
Picsello business mastermind

Picsello Business Mastermind is exactly what you need to…

Create a strategy for your most successful year yet
Get your business priced for profit
Learn to use paid ads & social media to grow your business
Learn all about booking and marketing mini-sessions
Connect with a community of other photographers
Create a personalized marketing plan
Organize your business workflow
Streamline client communication

Picsello’s Business Mastermind is one part easy-to-follow classes and one part engaged community of photographers that will help you build a successful photography business.

Here’s what’s inside:

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1 x a month expert session with Q&As
1 x a month hot seat - ask Jane anything
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Private community
A community where you can connect with photographers who have shared experiences
1:1 access to Jane and the Picsello coaches

Picture yourself having your best year yet:

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Create a strategy for your most successful year
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Develop the right mindset to price your business for profit
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Gain the confidence to set boundaries, deal with difficult clients and end up with a raving client base
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Organize your business so it doesn’t run your life
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Find your marketing superpower and master the marketing channel(s) that works for you and your business
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Connect with a community that supports your dream no matter what stage you are at in your business

"Jane has been a wonderful mentor! With her help I’ve learned the importance of believing in myself and my work. She has taught me that it is imperative to be profitable at every stage of my photography journey to ensure I’m set up for lasting success. Jane has also given me the tools I need to make sure I’m charging enough to be profitable. She is always there to answer my questions and cheer me on. Jane has played a key role in my growth as a photographer and business owner! I wouldn’t be where I am without her!”

jane Goodrich picsello business mastermind

Meet Your Mastermind Coach

If we haven’t met yet,  I’m Jane Goodrich, pro photographer, educator, mentor, and founder of Picsello. My passion is to support and empower other photographers to reach new levels of profitable success. Picsello was created to give photographers like you a roadmap and community that helps you generate income and run a successful business doing something you love-and as a natural extension of that mission, our Business Mastermind was born.

We are bringing together amazing teachers and coaches, connecting you with other photographers who share your goals, and teaching and empowering you through personalized learning opportunities that will help you discover how to market, monetize, and manage your business more efficiently.

Our 2023 Speakers

Tiffany Bastian
Bastian Accounting
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Taxes for Photographers

Roderick Alan

Photographers guide to Facebook ads

Cassie Clayshulte
Cassie Clayshulte Photography
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High End Mini-Session

Shoot with Me
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How photographers can save time, reduce stress, and make more money by using ShootWith.Me

Libby Dollar
Libby Dollar Photography

Authenticity in Marketing and serving clients: How to find your voice, resonate with the right people, and trust yourself.

Fuse Creative Inc.
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The Power of Local SEO - Tips and Hacks

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How to create high-converting landing pages.

Peter Shankman
The Geek Factory, Inc.
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The New Customer Economy: How 1% better wins you 99% of the business.

Leah Severson
Photography Marketing &
SEO Coach
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The FASTEST Way to Get to the Top of Google

Filer Pixel
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Streamline Your Workflow With AI

Rokee & Co
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5 Major Blogging Mistakes You're Making When It Comes to SEO!

Master Your Money
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Master Your Money Now

At the end of this course you will…

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Be set up to have your best year yet
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Be priced for profit
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Be consistently booking your ideal clients
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Have work/life harmony
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Be connected with a community of photographers who share your experiences and goals and have found your business besties

In 3 steps you can make this your best year yet

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Sign up for Picsello and subscribe to a yearly plan to get access to the mastermind
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Learn new skills and connect with photographers
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Watch your business thrive